# Group component

Array component function can be realized through group component

# Example

# Array

# field example

# Configuration

# props

property Direction Type Default
rule The rule of nested components Object/Array -
field Only get this field in the sub-form, after setting, the value is Array\<field\> v2.5.0+ Number -
min Add at least a few items Number -
max Add up to a few items Number -
expand Expand several items by default Number -
button Whether to show operation buttons Boolean -
options Sub-form configuration Object -
fontSize Action button font size Number 28
disabled Disable Boolean false

# events

Event name Description return value
change Triggered after the value changes -
add Trigger after adding an item -
remove Triggered after deleting an item -
itemMounted Triggered after the new sub-form is initialized -
[field-emitName] Subform emit event -